Rescue News 98, for Spring 2006

Artefact hunting and the archaeological resource Paul Barford;

The author looks at current practice and attitudes to metal detector use and artefact hunting and collecting generally and the current and future role of the Portable Antiquities Scheme

RESCUE and metal detecting ; sets out RESCUE’s current views on the use of metal detectors

Wind farms: no greater threat since the Agrarian Revolution?by Ed Archer

RESCUE’s Scottish Correspondent looks at some Scottish sites recently threatened with windfarm developments

Agincourt : this time they win!

The village of Agincourt in northern France, the scene on 25 th October 1415 of the most famous battle of the Hundred Years War (1337–1453), its plans to establish a Medieval History Centre as a tourist attraction for as many as 50,000 British visitors each year. The aim is to generate income and to create jobs to replace the traditional agricultural economy which is in decline and has forced the French state electricity generator, Eléctricité de France (EDF) to cancel its plans to place four 459ft wind turbines half a mile from the battlefield.

New museum for Lincolnshire

The new City and County Museum , to be known as The Collection, opened in Lincoln in early October.

Archaeology teams under threat

Northamptonshire Archaeology Society reports that Northamptonshire County Council’s proposed budget for the next financial year released on 14th December; ‘ proposes massive funding cuts across Northamptonshire in response to challenges presented by the real-term cuts in funding from central government. These cuts are described as ‘just the start of the process with director’s still working on final plans to be revealed in the new year …

Thornborough update

Stonehenge update

Rose Theatre: Blue Plaque unveiled ; In mid-January Sir Ian McKellen unveiled a blue plaque at the site of the Rose Theatre (near Rose Court in Park St, London SE1 9AR) after it received almost 1000 votes in a competition, part of the Blue Plaque scheme run by Southwark Council.

The Rose Trust with Southwark Council and the Museum of London Archaeology Service are preparing an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for money to display the site to the public, and create a venue on Bankside for cultural, educational and public

British Archaeological Awards 2006 request for nominations

A Charming project : a new project: Analysis by Neutron resonant Capture Imaging and other Emerging Neutron Techniques: new Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Research Methods (ANCIENT CHARM) worth €2 million, funded through the NEST (New and Emerging Science and Technology) programme of the European Commission’s Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) to develop and combine new and existing scientific research techniques to investigate objects of cultural heritage started on 1st January 2006 lasting 36 months.

Archaeology and Consultancy :

Call for papers for the 2006 Open meeting. Summaries of the papers delivered will appear in RN Number 99 (2006)

Book review: Archaeological Finds: a Guide to Identification

Norena Shopland

ISBN 0752431323, Tempus, April 2005, £17.99 248 pages

by The Finds Research Group AD 700–1700 and Roman Finds Group

For those looking for a book containing concise, accurate information on archaeological finds which might be recommended to students and new enthusiasts – this is not it. In the acknowledgements (p 8) the author wisely states ‘this is a vast subject and I apologise in advance for any errors which may have crept in. I would welcome any suggestions for improvements in future reprints’. The author should stand back because if anyone takes up the offer, she is in for an avalanche!


Professor Maurice Beresford 1920–2005, Pioneer of Deserted Medieval Village studies

Mary Kitson Clark (Mrs Chitty) 1905–2005, RESCUE Founder-Member and Archaeologist of Roman Yorkshire

Elisabeth Crowfoot 1914–2005,Textiles conservation pioneer

Charles Mundy1959 –2004, Former RESCUE Council member

Lady Aileen Mary Fox 1901–2005,Founder of modern archaeology in south-west England

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