Staffordshire hoard worth £3.285 million

The Treasure Valuation Committee made up of independent advisors meeting at the British Museum in November 2009. After analyzing a very large amount of information in order to arrive at a fair market price, they deemed the Treasure to be worth £3.285million.

This sum once raised will be split equally between the finder, Terry Herbert, and the landowner, Fred Johnson. The landowner, the finder and the two museums which hope to acquire the hoard, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, have all approved the valuation.

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Dr David Starkey has launched a fundraising campaign at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, to raise £3.3 million by April acquire the Staffordshire Hoard, and keep it and display it in the West Midlands where it was discovered.

If the campaign is successful, the Hoard will be jointly acquired by both the Birmingham Museum and the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent and all relevant parties are fully in support of this joint acquisition.

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