HMS Victory 1744: management of the wreck site

The wreck of HMS Victory, the third ship of that name and known as `Balchin’s Victory’ after the Admiral who commanded it, was recently rediscovered in the English Channel, outside UK territorial waters. In view of the unique importance of this Sovereign Immune wreck site for British naval heritage, the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport have announced a joint public consultation on the possible future management approaches for the wreck site. This will be coordinated by DCOMS who will be coordinating responses to the consultation and issuing a public consultation paper.

How to respond

Interested parties, please send your comments or queries about this consultation, by email to: or by post to Annabel Houghton, Architecture and Historic Environment Division, 2-4 Cockspur Street, London, SW1Y 5DH, by the closing date of 30th June 2010. The final decision will be made by the Government.

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