Redevelopment threat for Stanley Mill

In what may well be the first real test of PPS5, one of the most important industrial archaeological complexes in Britain, Stanley Mill in Gloucestershire is threatened with massive re-development and extensivedemolition of large parts of the site. Stanley Mill is the finest of the Stroud Valley Textile Mills, is Listed Grade 1, and survives largely complete with all its original associated buildings intact. It has remained in industrial use since its construction in 1813, and remains virtually unaltered with even some of the textile machinery remaining in position.

Interior of Mill, with iron fames, dated to 1813, and some of the surviving textile machinery. (photos: © Mark Horton)

The heritage world was shocked when in May news of a massive planning application was received by Stroud District Council. The mill owners Peter Griffiths with Gladedale Homes have submitted a proposal to convert the Grade 1 Listed mill building into 76 apartments, an enabling development of a further 70 new houses, the demolition of 11 buildings, 10 of which are listed in their own right, and the provision of a new factory for the existing owners to move to.

The outcry from these proposals has been massive, both locally and nationally.

See the Planning Application here.

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