Rescue sign open letter against cuts

Rescue are a signatory of an open letter which has highlighted the disproportionate nature of the cuts that the heritage sector is currently facing.

The letter lists three simple steps that the Government must take “to safeguard the economic, cultural and social value of our past.”

  1. Statutory protection of historic landscapes and monuments MUST remain at the heart of any reform to the planning system.
  2. Careful investment MUST be undertaken in museums and historic buildings, recognising the value of heritage to this country’s economy.
  3. Continued funding MUST be ensured for local and national heritage services, who promote and expand enjoyment of our historic environment.

Rescue were one of over 120 signatories to the letter, drawn from across the sector and beyond. The value of heritage to the economic, social and cultural life of Britain must be fully acknowledged and supported.

The letter was printed in the Times, today, the 20th May 2011.

Read the letter below:

[ipaper id=55908516]

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