New Lanark WHS buffer zone threat

The story of the iconic New Lanark World Heritage Site and its buffer zone is symptomatic of the threats posed to other sites designated with WHS status throughout the UK.

New Lanark World Heritage Site is a beautifully restored 18th century cotton mill village nestled in the spectacular south Lanarkshire valley in southern Scotland, close to the Falls of Clyde and less than an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Founded by David Dale in 1785, the village became famous as a model industrial community under the enlightened management of Dale’s son-in-law, Robert Owen.

Cemex UK, a leading supplierof cement based building materials has applied to South Lanarkshire District Council to extend their existing quarrying operations. South Lanarkshire Museum Forum, Lanark Museum and theLanark and District Archaeological Society are deeply concerned that part of the proposed expansion will impinge significantly on the Heritage Buffer Zone of New Lanark.

Sites under threat include 14th century parkland, and a medieval drove road.

There is a great deal at stake in the decisions to be takenat New Lanark. Unfortunately, New Lanark is not unique, in the current economic environment, or as the longed for economic regeneration begins to take off we will see other WHS throughout the UK suffering similar threats.

Ed Archer, RESCUE Scottish Correspondent

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