London Mithraeum moves

Since November 2011 Museum of London Archaeology has been overseeing the dismantling of the Roman Temple of Mithras reconstructed in the 1950s. It is being moved to make way for a new development at Walbrook Square by Bloomberg LP. Discovered in 1952, and excavated by WF Grimes, the site produced a collection of exceptional Roman
sculptures of the gods Mithras, Serapis and Minerva now on display at the MoL.

Following excavation the temple was removed from its original location on Queen Victoria Street and rebuilt using the recovered Roman material some 90 metres distant from its former site and at a level 9 metres higher than the Roman ground surface. As part of its redevelopment plans Bloomberg LP is meeting the costs of a more faithful reconstruction.   This will require carefully extraction of the original Roman stone and tile from the 1960s cement mortar and the temple
will be carefully restored at a site closer to its original Roman location within a purpose-built and publicly accessible interpretation space.

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