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RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust is an independent non-political charitable trust dedicated to supporting archaeology and the historic environment in Britain and abroad.

Rescue Says: Our latest comments on Heritage Issues

RESCUE Says: Proposals for the A303 Road Tunnel

Rescue is extremely disappointed to note the decision of the Transport Secretary Mark Harper to approve the proposals for the A303 road tunnel within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Construction…

RESCUE Says: The Cost of Living Crisis

The current economic situation in the UK is difficult and, according to the Government, is likely to remain so for some considerable time. The reasons behind this situation are of…

Rescue Says : going for growth should not be at the expense of the natural and historic environment

On Friday 23rd September, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng delivered a mini-budget which suggests that the pursuit of economic growth is only possible at the expense of our natural and cultural heritage. The…