13th Century Arab site under threat of destruction in Spain

News Update: After large scale protests and wide spread publicity, the campaign has been successful: On Wednesday night, the official news came that work had been halted to allow proper recording of this site. See http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_24282.shtml

Rescue has been alerted to the threat to an Arab site from development of a carpark in Murcia, Spain.

Our correspondant, Arturo Duran, says:

The construction of a car park in Murcia (Spain) has uncovered the remnants of an entire Arab district from the 13th century.

This is quite likely the most important medieval site of its kind in Europe in many years. Unfortunately, economic interests are the top priority for all those involved in the construction project.

The Regional Department of Culture and the City Council are showing no interest in preserving the wealthy heritage of this city. There seems to be no willingness to take a suitable decision. The only two options currently under consideration (continuing with the construction works and moving the remnants) would damage the site beyond any potential repair.

A Civic Platform has been set up, together with a group in Facebook, with more than 12,000 members. Messages and letters have already been sent to the Spanish Royal Family, the Spanish Government, UNESCO, the UN, and a large number of media and institutions throughout the world.

We have managed to arrange some live interviews on TV & radio, but our resources are limited, and the construction process keeps moving on …

It could well be only a matter of days before major damages are caused.

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